About me


Non-Executive Director, Strategic Consultant, Coach

After more than 30 years as a CEO, Partner and Executive I have made a move to be a "gig worker".  As a NED on Women on Boards and Save the Children Australia I can contribute to helping expand the role of women in business while at the same time help those that need it most.  As a consultant, I am assisting Australian and multi-nationals in the areas of HR Tech, acquisitions, strategy development and governance.  If you want to chat about what I am doing and how it might be relevant to you and your business please reach out.  Click on the contact tab or reach out via LinkedIn


Mary Sue Rogers - the Scuba Diver

In addition to my professional life - I am a passionate scuba diver and care about how we are treating our oceans with respect to the reefs, fishing, whales, sharks and all things that keep the ocean in balance.  Several of the pictures on this site are ones that I have taken - in my travels under the oceans and seas of the world.


Mary Sue Rogers

Passionate about Human Capital

Having worked in all aspects of HR for over 30 years, in all continents (except Antarctica), I thought it was time to share and contribute to the dialogue on how to enhance, transform and sustain the HR function in all businesses around the world. And at the same time make people aware of some other things they should be thinking about saving.  Thoughts and comments are my own.