How Real Leaders Melt the Iceberg of Ignorance


How Real Leaders Melt the Iceberg of Ignorance


This is one of those must-read articles.  The iceberg of ignorance has been around for awhile.  It originated in the late 1990's when a consultant named Sidney Hoshida produced a study called "The Iceberg of Ignorance" based on what he saw in the leadership of a Japanese car manufacturer.  Yoshida found that, even though 100% of front-line problems were known to the front-line employees, only 74% were known to team leaders, 9% to middle management and just 4% to top management.  



How can leaders melt the iceberg so they too can see the issues and challenges facing the company?  In this article from Corporate Rebels, the answer is "show humility".  Leaders who show humility by mixing with the front-line gain more status and influence than their peers who prefer to stay in their offices. Moreover, leaders can actively enhance their status by engaging in work below their pay grade.



There are several great stores or even case studies within the article - including a top chef that sweeps the streets in front of the restaurant through to show his staff that every job and activity within the business is very important. 



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Posted on : 2018/09/06