The Best, Worst, and Most Repetitive Emails of GDPR


The Best, Worst, and Most Repetitive Emails of GDPR


Ok, so how many emails did you get before the 25th of May that were sent to update you on a privacy policy change?  Or to ask you to re-opt in to a newsletter?  Or to tell you that they really care about privacy so they are making easier to understand?  If you were like me, you got dozens and dozens.  



The writers at Co.Design wrote an interesting article describing the different techniques well-known companies used to tell you about their new and improved security policy.  They categorised the types of notifications sent out and attempted to correlate those with how much the companies truly did care about your privacy and adherence to GDPR.



The ones I liked best from the list were: -



Everlane (NOTE ann online clothing retailer in California)  



“The thing about privacy policies? Nobody reads them. In fact, most are intentionally written not to be read. With that in mind, we’ve updated ours to make it easier to understand. But since we know most of you probably aren’t clicking on this email (no judgment), here’s a breakdown of what’s new.”



The article is definitely worth a read.



Comments by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted on : 2018/09/06