A Message in a Bottle


A Message in a Bottle


Every now and there is a nice "feel good" story.  And this is one of them.  Over 130 years ago someone dropped a message in a bottle off a boat that was sailing in the Indian Ocean.  The message simply said, "if found please fill in the details on this note and send to your nearest German consulate".  This method was used, back in the 1800's to track currents to see how they would behave.



This year, a women walking a beach near Wedge Island, Western Australia, found the bottle when she thought she was picking up trash.



A great view of history written by the NY Times.  I am not sure what is more amazing - the fact that the bottle had been found or the fact that historians could trace it to the exact ship, date and location when it was dropped in the water.  Pretty Amazing.



Comments by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted on : 2018/09/06