The Lobster with a Pepsi Tattoo


The Lobster with a Pepsi Tattoo


Off the coast of Maine in the United States they do a lot of lobster trapping.  REcently they brought up a lobster that had a very visible Pepsi logo on its claw.  The markings had come from prolonged exposure by the lobster to a plastic Pepsi bottle transferring the image from the bottle to the animal. 



There are growing concerns over the amount of debris accumulating in the world’s oceans. Between 5m and 13m tonnes of plastic leak into the world’s oceans each year to be ingested by seabirds, fish and other organisms.  The poor lobsters "tattoo" is just one example.  



Organisations and individuals should focus on reducing or eliminating single-use plastic to try to slow down the problems all the plastic is causing.



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Comments by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted on : 2018/09/06