Some Clownfish have no Personality


Some Clownfish have no Personality


Next to Whale Sharks Clownfish are my next favourite creature under the sea.  Reseach has found that many types of clownfish have distrintive personalities.  For example, the type of clownfish in Finding Nemo has a very distinctive behaviour primarily shown through bold and aggressive actions as it defends its territory.  



And sadly there are types of clownfish that have no personality.  This Guardian article explains why.



Research by the University of Wollongong and Southern Cross University analysed the behavioural patterns of two species of subtropical clownfish, or anemonefish: Amphiprion mccullochi, which is endemic to a shallow lagoon on Lord Howe Island, off the coast of New South Wales; and Amphiprion latezonatus, which has a much wider distribution along Australia’s east coast.



The resulting paper, Some anemonefish lack personality, was published in the December issue of Coral Reef's journal.



I guess clownfish are like people, some have more or less personality.



Comments and picture by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted on : 2018/09/06