Plastic particles found in bottled water


Plastic particles found in bottled water


Plastic is everywhere.  If you watched Blue Planet II the problems that plastic is causing in all the seas of the world is talked about for every location that where David Attenborough travelled.  Plastic breaks down into tiny particles which get eaten by plankton, which then are eaten by small fish and it goes up the food chain.  Even to the point where baby dolphins are dying due to their mother's milk containing too much plastic.



Plastic is also in the water we drink - even if you buy bottled water.  Tests on major brands of bottled water have found that nearly all of them contained tiny particles of plastic.  In the largest investigation of its kind, 250 bottles bought in nine different countries were examined.



Research led by journalism organisation Orb Media discovered an average of 10 plastic particles per litre, each larger than the width of a human hair. 



This latest work comes amid growing international attention on plastic, fuelled by the BBC's acclaimed Blue Planet 2 series in which Sir David Attenborough highlighted the threat of plastic waste in our oceans.



This BBC video is well worth watching.



Comments by Mary Sue Rogers






Posted on : 2018/09/06