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Saving Other Things

To save something 

v. keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger

There are many things in the world that I want to help save - here are a few of them.  What is on your list?

What if the war was in the UK?

Save the Children UK has published a video that shows what it might be like if the Syrian war was actually being fought on the streets in the UK and the children had to escape to some place sa

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Posted On : 19-05-2016

Save the Roundabout

Roundabouts save lives.  In countries that have more roundabouts, there are fewer deaths per 1000 intersections than in countries that don’t have this unique method of managing the flow

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Posted On : 19-05-2016

Another Reason to Save Fish - They Have Feelings

If there were not enough good reasons to ensure that we protect the fish that live in our seas and oceans, scientists have research that shows that fish have feelings. A recent NY Times article ent

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Posted On : 16-05-2016

Coral Bleaching - Nemo's Home is Not Suppose to be White

Over 93% of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached.  This has been caused by increased water temperatures.  The current spike in global heat can be partly explained by natural variability and

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Posted On : 21-04-2016

Save the Children - Education

When bad things happen from wars to natural disasters it is the children who suffer the most.  Losing years of education, not getting enough or the right type of food, missing parents, are jus

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Posted On : 26-03-2016

Save Schools in Uganda

Amazing people do amazing things that help 1000.  A friend of mine is on the board of a small charity, based in the USA; that helps children in 2 remote locations in Uganda achieve an edu

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Posted On : 31-03-2016

Bacteria That Can Eat Plastic - Saving Our Oceans

Plastic is killing the ocean - well more precisely it is killing the various life that lives in our oceans and seas.  And the stuff that makes plastic bottles (PET) does not break down.  

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Posted On : 31-03-2016

Finding Dory Could Help Save the Oceans

If you love the ocean or you have kids - Finding Nemo has got to be one of your favourite films. And guess what - Pixar is coming out with a sequel called Finding Dory It is due out northe

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Posted On : 20-03-2016

Save the Great Barrier Reef Part 2

The Great Barrier Reef is under great stress, and you can see it in the coral.  It is getting so bad that on the 14th of March the authority raised the coral bleaching warning from level

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Posted On : 22-03-2016

Help Save Fiji

Cyclone Winston has caused significant damage to Fiji, and they need our help to get back to normal - especially in the more remote areas.  Save the Children and other relief organisations nee

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Posted On : 08-03-2016

Saving the Life Savers

The work that the Life Guards do is amazing... and the statistics are scary.. without them who knows what might happen on the Australian beaches.  Some amazing statistics such as 1.3m voluntee

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Posted On : 27-01-2016

Save sea life caught in Shark Nets

Australia has sharks.  It also has shark nets.  And with the recent increase in shark attacks, there is a call for more shark nets to be put up to protect swimmers and other water sports

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Posted On : 07-02-2016

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