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Saving Other Things

To save something 

v. keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger

There are many things in the world that I want to help save - here are a few of them.  What is on your list?

Building a Sustainable Micro-finance Business

In the less developed parts of the world many women, and it is mostly women, start up their own business through investments made via some micro-financing.  Micro-financing is a source of 

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Posted On : 27-09-2016

Fish Have Separation Issues Too

Being separated from "friends" can be a stressful experience for some coral reef fish, a new study has found.  It can  even cause them to lose weight. James Cook University

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Posted On : 23-09-2016

Newly Found Species of Algae Might Help Coral Reefs Survive Warm Water

As climate change warms the world’s oceans this is a precarious situation. But not all corals suffer at the same temperatures. While most perish in water above 31°C, those in the Persian

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Posted On : 21-04-2016

Refugees, Detention Centres and Nauru

If you live in Australia, you can’t miss the news associated with the Nauru detention centre.  The newspaper The Gua

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Posted On : 15-08-2016

A Dead Reef Comes Back to Life

On the floor of a remote island lagoon halfway between Hawaii and Fiji, the giant reef site had been devastated by unusually warm water. Its remains looked like a pile of drab dinner plates tossed

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Posted On : 15-08-2016

Save the Ocean from Plastic

A really scary article in Sydney Morning Herald, how much plastic is in our oceans.  The story references the fact that for the average Australian level of fish consumptions, you are eating ov

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Posted On : 15-08-2016

Save the Fish by Stopping Over Fishing

Did you know that bluefin tuna travels at over 70 km per hour?  And unlike humans, they don't know where the boundaries are for the various jurisdictions on the high seas.  Under inte

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Posted On : 25-07-2016

86% Of the Natural World is Uncharted

English nature broadcaster Sir David Attenborough was given a new dragonfly species from Madagascar for his 90th birthday. I guess one of many unique benefits of having such an amazing ca

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Posted On : 16-07-2016

Date Pitts Clean up Toxins

This is why we need to mark sure all citizens of the world life in a safe place. A group of Syrian researchers, in Syria, discovered that the stones (or pits) from dates could clean up hazardo

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Posted On : 29-06-2016

Drone's Have Value - Kiwi Drone Captures Rare Whale Footage

I love this video as it allows us to get a glimpse of a very rare Bryde Whale.  It is estimated that there are only 200 of these

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Posted On : 10-06-2016

Sponsor a Child

In Australia, we are nearing the end of the tax year (30 June 2016 is the last day).   And with the fiscal year end looming, all of the charities and other tax deductible initiatives are

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Posted On : 08-06-2016

Shedding Light on Animals Facing Extinction

My most favorite event in Sydney is VIVID.  It is a month of the most amazing light and sound shows, displayed on the iconic build

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Posted On : 24-05-2016

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