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Saving Other Things

To save something 

v. keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger

There are many things in the world that I want to help save - here are a few of them.  What is on your list?

Plastic in the Arctic

Recently scientists have discovered a large piece of plastic in the Arctic.  And since it did not occur from someone or something living in that region it had to have floated in.  Which i

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Posted On : 24-09-2017

Sea Turtles are Bouncing Back

Sea turtles have it very rough.  They get caught in fishing nets and drowned when the eggs hatch the baby turtles get confused by light pollution and walk away from the beach and end up eaten

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Posted On : 22-09-2017

Super Coral

As reefs die off, researchers want to breed the world’s hardiest corals in labs and return them to the sea to
multiply. By harvesting the coral that has survived the increase in temper

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Posted On : 20-09-2017

Plastic in Our Water

Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health.

Scores of tap wa

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Posted On : 19-09-2017

The Unicorns of the Sea are Loosing Their Home

A great video on both what is a Narwhal is (sometimes called the Unicorn of the Sea) and what is happening to their home in the icy Arctic.  

Narwhals are one of the most mysterious

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Posted On : 27-08-2017

What are Ocean Laws Trying to Protect?

Ocean laws and the creation of marine parks is a growing trend which I personally hope continues around the world.  And it is worth taking a few minutes to realise what the various ocean laws

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Posted On : 15-08-2017

The Immense, Eternal Footprint Humanity Leaves on Earth: Plastics

Plastic is everywhere and we are adding to the pile at an exponential rate.  It is in our landfills, oceans, beaches, everywhere.  I have done several posts on the impact plastic is makin

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Posted On : 20-07-2017

One of the Largest Icebergs Ever

There is a record breaking event about to happen in Antarctica.  A huge iceberg is about to break off the Lawson shelf, and the size of this iceberg will be massive.

A rift has grown

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Posted On : 11-07-2017

The Great Barrier Reef Valued at $56b

I would say that the Great Barrier Reef is priceless.  If you have ever had a chance to dive, snorkel or swim on the reef you are lucky.  It is amazing but does need protecting.  Pot

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Posted On : 26-06-2017

Plastic Bottles are Worth Something

If you have ever been to Thailand you will notice that there are almost no plastic bottles littering the streets, payment, parks and beaches.  One of the big reasons for this is that plas

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Posted On : 11-07-2017

Bike Lanes and Major Cities

How good are you at identifying a city just by the bike lanes?  One of the ways that we each can help the environment is to not drive our personal cars to work, shopping or wherever.  Man

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Posted On : 15-06-2017

The Kimberleys and Save the Children

I had a very special opportunity to visit several programmes that Save the Children either execute or manage in two major locations in the Kimberley’s in Western Australia (WA).  It was

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Posted On : 04-06-2017

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