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Save HR

HR has been much maligned and talked about for years.  There is a constant debate regarding whether the HR function should even exist.. or as others call it the Human Remains Department.  This blog is dedicated to helping Save HR so that employees, executives, shareholders and others can increase their awareness of the importance of HR to the success of the business.  And my definition of HR is everything that is under a CHRO - from "hiring to retiring" including the processes and technologies.  So what is between the flags that will help to Save HR?


Taking a BIG Step Towards Global Delivery

"Transition" – NounDefinition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The process of transitioning work into a captive or outsourced SSC (Shared Service Centre) is the most critical step within any shared

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Posted On : 25-06-2016

Dress Codes

The topic of dress codes and what to wear and not wear to the office is getting a lot of air space.  And in a recent announcement by PwC Australia triggered the creation of this post.  I will start with two things

1.  I am an ex-PwC Partner and, 

2.  t

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Posted On : 18-06-2016

Types of Workers and the Future of HR

The people who show up at your office, factory, construction site or any other place of work today to add value to your customers, products and services are a mixture of permanent staff, contractors, casuals, outsourced partners or any other of the new style of employees.  Should HR be conce

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Posted On : 07-06-2016

Scuba Diving and HR - what do they have in common?

Having worked in the HR and Talent Management area for over 30 years the transformation, technology, analytics and business acumen associated with HR and people is one of my greatest professional passions.  Outside of work my biggest passion is scuba diving, and I have been doing that for ov

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Posted On : 24-05-2016

Labelling People - Or What is your Personal Brand?

Personal branding is an interesting subject and one that leaders (including HR and the talent development team) should spend more time evangelising with the business.   I recently read an article by Bryan

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Posted On : 02-05-2016

Leadership in Children's Stories

How do you get your leaders to think differently?  What is going to create an innovative spark to help change management practices, leadership styles and ultimately the culture of an organisation?  How do you engage with your new leaders who are part of the millennial generation?

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Posted On : 24-04-2016

Leadership and T'ai Chi

In a recent dinner with friends, a comment was made that inspired this post.  The inspirational comment was “I am going to t’ai chi my way through this”.  What an excellent thing to do, as t’ai chi can be a real stress reliever. 

So let’s sta

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Posted On : 10-04-2016

The Tower of Babel Language and Going Global

In what language do you deliver your outsourced or captive shared service?  Local or UK English or Global English (and there is a difference)?  When I was at IBM, and you received an RFP from a “large multi-national who operates in 90 countries” the part on what language the

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Posted On : 21-04-2016

Revitalising Workforce Planning

It is becoming more and more challenging to find the right person, at the right time who wants to work for you, at the terms and conditions you are willing to offer.  The supply and demand in the labour market is much more in balance than it was a couple of years ago – some might

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Posted On : 07-04-2016

Pushmi-pullyu or Are You Ready to Leave Your Current Job?

In the Story of Doctor Dolittle, there is a fictitious character called a pushmi-pullyu (pronounced push-me-pull-you) who’s skill was never having to talk with its mouth full as one head would talk while the other ate.  The other thing that a pushmi-pullyu reminds me of is the advice t

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Posted On : 22-03-2016

What "Global" Really Means (and Why)

The world of global shared services is vast, varied and littered with different definitions of what is a “global shared services”.  Is global having one location for the world that does all the work?  Or does it mean that globally your processes are the same?  What does

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Posted On : 31-03-2016

Does Your Culture Help You Keep Talent?

Every HR professional knows that the culture of the organisation is critical to attracting and retaining the right talent.  There have been dozens if not 100’s of books and articles written on how to get the “right culture”.   From Deloitte’s Read more

Posted On : 20-03-2016

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