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Save HR

HR has been much maligned and talked about for years.  There is a constant debate regarding whether the HR function should even exist.. or as others call it the Human Remains Department.  This blog is dedicated to helping Save HR so that employees, executives, shareholders and others can increase their awareness of the importance of HR to the success of the business.  And my definition of HR is everything that is under a CHRO - from "hiring to retiring" including the processes and technologies.  So what is between the flags that will help to Save HR?


The Modern Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Last month I published an article on Theory X and Y managers and reflected on the fact that this theory was once the foundation for management training, and today it is rarely mentioned.  This month I want to focus on another “lost” management theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of

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Posted On : 21-10-2016

My SLA's are Green but I Don't Feel Green

If you are running best practice governance with your captive shared service centre (SSC) or external outsourced provider you should be doing monthly performance reporting on the agreed service levels.  And if your service is around HR and Payroll the review process can be more emotive than

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Posted On : 25-10-2016

Citizens of the World and HR

Is it just me, or does it feel like the world is getting bigger again, rather than smaller?  On one side talent is getting harder to find for many roles in many countries but at the same time countries are either talking about or actively looking at ways to reduce the flow of talent.  T

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Posted On : 18-10-2016

Theory X and Y Managers - Is this Management Theory Dead?

Last month I published an article on the management theory of the Peter Principle, and how this principle and the new trends in performance management have some interesting potential correlations.  This month I want to focus on another “lost” management theory, the Theory X and Y

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Posted On : 27-09-2016

Leadership Lessons from Brexit

For the next 20 years researchers, analyst and academics will be examining what happened with the UK referendum vote to leave the EU, better known as Brexit.  There are so many lessons that can be learned from the activities up to the vote, the actual vote itself, and then the subsequent act

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Posted On : 28-09-2016

Why are HR Shared Service Centres Different?

In every multi-process Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Shared Service Centre (SSC) project I have ever worked on, HR always gets the reputation for “being different”.  And while every function’s process is unique, I do believe that HR has some attributes and challenge

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Posted On : 23-09-2016

The Peter Principle and the New Trend of No Performance Reviews

The Peter Principle and the new trends in performance management have some interesting potential correlations.

The Peter Principle is a management theory formulated by Laurence J. Peter in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candida

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Posted On : 25-08-2016

P&L or Cost Centre? How to Account for Your Global Shared Services

One of the advantages of outsourcing versus having a captive shared service centre (SSC) is that someone else can do the financials.  The supplier will send you an invoice for the work done – and if you are a global organisation, they will send an invoice per country, and no one has to

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Posted On : 21-08-2016

Thinking versus Doing - What is the Right Mix?

We can all point to times in our life when our mothers said: “think about what you are doing”.  As we move into the business world you might have gotten a comment “will you stop thinking about it and just get it done”.  How much thinking versus doing is required?

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Posted On : 04-08-2016

Workforce Management: The Production Planning Portion of HR

Workforce planning is one of my most favourite subjects in the human capital space, as it is all about supply and demand.  Factories and businesses that make things have been balancing out supply and demand for hundreds of years.  Whether it was a hundred plus years ago the number of ho

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Posted On : 04-07-2016

Global Shared Services and Technology

Technology and shared services are great combinations, like ham and cheese, or Romeo and Juliette; the sum of the two parts can deliver something beautiful. And this is especially true when the shared service centre (SSC) is global.

But first, let’s look at the role of technology

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Posted On : 11-07-2016

Employees, Change Management and Brexit

Britain joined the European Union (EU) in 1973, and to put into context; that was before I started my first real job.  More importantly, significant segments of the current and future workforce, such as millennials, have never known a Britain that was not in the EU.  The result of the B

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Posted On : 27-06-2016

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