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Save HR

HR has been much maligned and talked about for years.  There is a constant debate regarding whether the HR function should even exist.. or as others call it the Human Remains Department.  This blog is dedicated to helping Save HR so that employees, executives, shareholders and others can increase their awareness of the importance of HR to the success of the business.  And my definition of HR is everything that is under a CHRO - from "hiring to retiring" including the processes and technologies.  So what is between the flags that will help to Save HR?


The Case for Moving Learning & Development into Shared Services

Shared Services Centres (SSC) rarely have learning as one of the core delivery processes.  In the SSON January post, I talked about the reasons why learning and development (L&D) is difficult to centralise and therefore why it is challenging to put i

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Posted On : 19-02-2017

Trends and Hot Topics for 2017 - Summary of a Dozen Predictions

January is the month of predictions.  All the great and good in any particular field some out with their forecast, hot topics, or trends for the coming year.  And the HR and Talent Management area is not any different than the rest.  In January my mission was to read as many of the

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Posted On : 30-01-2017

Gig and the Future of Work – the Top Trend for 2017

The concept of a non-permanent worker has existed for as long as I have been working.  The temping agencies started after World War 2 and experienced between 1971 and 2001 over a 600% growth rate with almost 200% increase per decade.  And that is a significant accomplishment over a sust

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Posted On : 26-01-2017

Learning and Development – Harder to Share Than the Rest of HR?

Over the last 10 to 15 years, many organisations have outsourced portions of their HR processes to third parties (like IBM), or they have built captive shared services (similar to what ANZ Bank has done) or created a hybrid model using a bit of both (for example Rio). The types of HR processes th

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Posted On : 22-01-2017

The 2017 Buzz Words – My Prediction

At the start of each year, the great and the good make predictions on what will happen during the year.  There are predictions for practically everything, from globally impacting events such as economic or political change through to what will be the top super foods of the year.  HR and

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Posted On : 01-01-2017

HR Technology Trends 2016 versus 2017

Personally, I love the end of the year for blogging.  You get a dose of “the best of last year”, and you get the “predictions for the coming year”.  What is missing from this yearly summary is the results of what was predicted for 2016 and what happened in 2016?&

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Posted On : 27-12-2016

Beyond Transactional: Judgement Intensive HR Shared Service

Most professionals who have worked in the shared services or the outsourcing market will tell you that the most appropriate type of activities to move into a shared service centre (SSC) is work that is transactional in nature.  So what exactly is transactional work?  Transactional HR&nb

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Posted On : 28-11-2016

Post Truth the New Word for 2016

Oxford Dictionary has declared “post-truth” to be its international word of the year.  It is an adjective defined as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.&r

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Posted On : 24-11-2016

Gig the New Noun

What exactly is a “gig worker”?  Today the definitions of the types of employees are numerous.  You have freelance, contractor, contingent, full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary and consultant, to name a few.  Is a “gig worker” just another name for som

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Posted On : 15-11-2016

Workforce Technology versus HR Technology

What is the next generation of technology for human capital?  Well, it is about people, not HR. One of my favourite listens every month is from Bill Kutik.  If you do not subscribe to B

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Posted On : 25-10-2016

The Modern Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Last month I published an article on Theory X and Y managers and reflected on the fact that this theory was once the foundation for management training, and today it is rarely mentioned.  This month I want to focus on another “lost” management theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of

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Posted On : 21-10-2016

My SLA's are Green but I Don't Feel Green

If you are running best practice governance with your captive shared service centre (SSC) or external outsourced provider you should be doing monthly performance reporting on the agreed service levels.  And if your service is around HR and Payroll the review process can be more emotive than

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Posted On : 25-10-2016

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