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Save HR

HR has been much maligned and talked about for years.  There is a constant debate regarding whether the HR function should even exist.. or as others call it the Human Remains Department.  This blog is dedicated to helping Save HR so that employees, executives, shareholders and others can increase their awareness of the importance of HR to the success of the business.  And my definition of HR is everything that is under a CHRO - from "hiring to retiring" including the processes and technologies.  So what is between the flags that will help to Save HR?


What Do You Pay Your Non-Executive Directors?

As a member of the INSEAD International Directors Programme (IDP) Alumni, I have the opportunity to attend many excellent networking and educational events.  In

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Posted On : 14-08-2017

Continuous Improvement With a Bit of Retro

Increasing the performance of a shared service operation, whether in-house or outsourced, is a major key performance indicator (KPI).  There are always new targets and pressures to reduce costs, increase services, improve quality and ensure compliance.  The cycle can, at times, appear t

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Posted On : 16-07-2017

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Lies, damn lies and statistics is a term that was popularised by Mark Twain, who attributed it to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.  It was my university statistics course professor’s favourite saying. And it is a very fair way to summarise how the Australian press and pund

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Posted On : 11-07-2017

What is Different about HR in Not for Profit?

In June I had the opportunity to facilitate two breakfast sessions for Ethical Jobs, Ethical Jobs is a recruitment organisation that focuses on matching jobs in the charity sector to people who want to work for

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Posted On : 27-06-2017

HR Shared Services and the Gig Economy

The workforce is changing.  While the actual percentage of independent workers varies from study to study and country to country they all agree on one thing, the number of independent workers will continue to increase.  What exactly is an independent worker?  Definitions do differ,

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Posted On : 20-06-2017

Transforming HR and Japan

I had the honour to participate in the official launch of the partnership between Excelity Global and a new Japan-based payroll outsourcing organisation called S

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Posted On : 04-06-2017

Agile HR versus Agile Employees

Agile is one of the highly used words in 2017 when talking about the trends in HR and Talent Management.  But what does it mean?  I always like to start with definitions: -

Agile - adjective

1.  able to move quickly and easily.  or


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Posted On : 07-05-2017

Workforce Planning, AI and the Future of Work

I had the honour and privilege to be the Chairperson for day two of the National HR Summit 2017 conference in Sydney.  The best part of the day was when I facilitated a panel of extremely interesting HR profession

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Posted On : 30-04-2017

Shared Services Center Leaders Need More than People Skills

What makes the difference between an “OK” Shared Service Centre and one that creates exceptional value for the business The answer is people – and more precisely: the skills, competencies, IQ and EQ of the SSC leaders. So: What makes a great manager and leader? 


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Posted On : 20-04-2017

Gig Workers and the Impact on HR

As the workforce changes, HR needs to change.  This has always been true.  In the 1960’s and ‘70’s the role of HR was much more focused on union negotiations, grievance procedures and ensuring that wage packets were handed out on time.  As the work shifted from fa

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Posted On : 31-03-2017

LTSL, Gig Workers and the Future of Work

Australia has an entitlement for all employees called Long Term Service Leave (LTSL), and without getting into the tiny details, the entitlement allows all employees with great than X  years of service to receive a one-off annual leave awarded.  For example, in NSW the rules are: -

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Posted On : 24-03-2017

International Womens Day 2017 A Collection of Articles and Thoughts

It is amazing the level of press coverage there was on the 8th of March for International Women’s Day.  The theme of the articles was varied.  Some stories focused on the more worrying trends around the loss of women’s rights after years of very hard fought gains.  Ther

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Posted On : 13-03-2017

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