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Five Types of Millennials You Need to Know

I know you are saying not another article on Millennials, but this one has an interesting angle. As HR professionals we know that employees are different and one size does not fit all and that is true for Millennials.  Hunt Scanlon has identified five different types of Millennials, including: -

The Principled Planners - Principled Planners are also keen to make an impact on society and are careful to prioritise their own set of personal values over making a profit

Driven Techies - they love their work and they can’t bear the thought of sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Instinctive Explorers -  are cavalier and love the unknown as well as exploring uncharted territory.

Real Worlders - they very resourceful but are likely to say they rely on technology — preferably free technology — in order to succeed.

Thrill Seekers - easily bored and always on the lookout for the next challenge, the Thrill Seekers enjoy diving into the unknown and couldn’t care less about appearances.

So one size does not fit all.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 10-10-16

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