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Blue Planet II - What have we learned in the first few episodes?

Blue Planet II started airing on the BBC three weeks ago.  The creations of Blue Planet II not only provides great television (who does not like fish and coral) but also some new scientific insights.  What have we learned so far?

1.  Fish are smarter then we thought - there are examples of fish using "tools" to open clams.  Sign of intelligence is to repeat something that you have found makes life easier.

2.  Fish like to work together - The unlikely cooperation between a reef octopus and a coral grouper – two predators working together to maximise their chances of capturing prey – had never been seen on film before the Blue Planet II team captured it.

3.  Life on earth may have begun in the deep - we have sent people to the moon and have pictures of some of the farthest planets but we have not been to the depths of the sea.

The Guardian has a great summary of some of the things learned during the initial episodes of Blue Planet II.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 20-11-17

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