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Sea Turtles are Bouncing Back

Sea turtles have it very rough.  They get caught in fishing nets and drowned when the eggs hatch the baby turtles get confused by light pollution and walk away from the beach and end up eaten or worse run over by cars.  Worse yet in some parts of the world, they eat sea turtles for a variety of perceived health and other benefits.

The plight of the sea turtle has been well known and conservation efforts around the world are starting to make a difference.  Whether it is ensuring newly born turtles find their way to the sea, to fishermen being more aware of the damage their nets can cause, sea turtles are making a comeback in many parts of the world,

The NYT's has reported that conservation efforts there dating back to the 1950s made an impact, and protecting beaches, regulating fishing and establishing marine protected areas have helped save turtles in many locations.

A happy read in a world where there are limited uplifting articles.

Picture and Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 22-09-17

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