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Do you check you phone 150 times per day?

An amazing piece of research published by the World Economic Forum showed that the average American checks their phone 150 times per day or once every 6.5 minutes.  If you are under the age of 35 it is even high.  Some other frightening statistics in the article include

surveys have found that 79 percent of us reach for our phones within 15 minutes of waking, 68 percent sleep with them, 67 percent check our smartphones even when they’re not ringing or vibrating and 46 percent state that they “can’t live without their smartphones.”

The article goes on to describe specific personality traits that are more likely to be totally addicted.

When it comes to personality traits, three were found to influence your likelihood of being addicted to your cellular device. The first was emotional instability. Moody or temperamental people are more likely to be addicted to their smartphones than their more stable counterparts. It appears that these people may look for a combination of solace and distraction in their smartphones, and as with many substance addictions, compulsively checking notifications or scrolling through news feeds may be an attempt at mood repair – a high-tech pacifier, if you will.

Some amazing observations and research on the addictiveness of smartphones and the always connected society.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 25-08-16

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