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New type of employee - I.E. (intermittent employee)

An IE (or intermittent employee) is someone we all are familiar.  These are the employees that can be brilliant OR just too hard to work with.  And you never know which one they will be when they walk in the door.   And these are the most difficult of employees to deal with as just when you are getting ready to performance manage them out the door they fix a massive issue with a critical customer.  What should a manager do?

An article written by Eric Chester and published in Business2Community provides an excellent four box model for managers to use when considering what to do with these IE type of employees.  As an example one of the quadrants definitions is: -

If the I.E. is a rock star most of the time and a pain to deal with only once-in-a-while, and they’re in a position that requires a hard-to-find skill set (e.g. fine copy editor, underwater welder, etc.) then it’s probably worth the occasional hassle they present to you to keep them on your payroll.

Some great insights on what to do with those IE staff.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 15-08-16

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