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Mid Level Managers and the New Reality of Leadership

Rarely are there research pieces that take a slice of data only to look at Asia.  DDI World has recently published their research on regarding mid-level manager how they feel about the leadership skills they have (or do not have).  And the exciting part about this report is that they did a report just for Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) with comparisons to the rest of world.  A pdf worth downloading and you don't even have to register.

Some of the findings: -

Mid-level leaders don’t feel they have the leadership skills they need to succeed.

  • Only 10 percent of respondents feel “well-prepared” to meet the top challenge they think they’ll face in the next two years. 

There’s a disconnect between what mid-level managers are—and what they need to be.

  • Mid-level leadership roles require a sophisticated skill set, yet our survey found that mid-level leaders operate tactically.

Companies are doing more with less—and mid-level leaders are feeling the stress.

  • Nearly 70 percent of mid-level leaders report that their work stress has increased in the past 18 months. The top factors leading to stress are increased personal workload (24 percent) and increased pressure to succeed (22 percent).

Empowerment and teamwork keep mid-level leaders engaged.

  • 52 percent of mid-level leaders said their engagement level was higher now compared to 24 months ago, 30 percent said it was the same, and 12 percent said it was lower. The biggest drivers of engagement were the ability to make decisions (74 percent), trust (68 percent), and teamwork (65 percent).

Summary by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 03-08-16

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