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Successful Change Management

Every transformation programme that I have been involved with has said at the end when we are doing lessons learned, that we did not do enough communication and change management.  These two things, no matter how much you do, can always use more.  In an article recently written by Murad Salman Mirza in EREMedia there is an excellent summary of the areas to focus on for a successful change - 15 of them to be exact.

 These include: -

Key No. 1 – The Irrefutable Need

This refers to the timely realisation of the significance of development and change that is required to ensure the survival or competitiveness of the organisation

Key No. 2 – The Burning Desire

This refers to coaxing the passion of an enlightened senior management to excel beyond the conventional and foreseeable horizon.

Key No. 3 – The Optimized Decisiveness

This refers to the knack for making decisions that are warranted in view of the need and desire for the long-term competitiveness of the organisation.

and then skipping ahead...

Key No. 9 – The Dogged Engagement

This refers to the unwavering deployment of the “organisational citizenship” behaviour that is found in intrinsically motivated employees and sparkles during the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Key No. 12 – The Fair Remuneration

This refers to the inducement of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation through the allocation of appropriate rewards and recognition for services rendered by employees involved in the successful OD initiatives.

And if you put them all together - you do have to read the article - you get: -

 “ACHIEVER” acronym as follows:

  • Inception & Expediency Oriented – Keys Nos. 1-6
  • Effectuation & Harmonization Oriented – Keys Nos. 7-9
  • Verification & Compliance Oriented – Keys Nos. 10-11
  • Attainment & Revitalization Oriented – Keys Nos. 12-15

Some ideas for your next transformation initiatives.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 25-07-16

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