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Plastic Bottles are Worth Something

If you have ever been to Thailand you will notice that there are almost no plastic bottles littering the streets, payment, parks and beaches.  One of the big reasons for this is that plastic bottles are worth money and many individuals make their living by picking up and re-selling them.  Unfortunately, in the more wealthy parts of the world, there are not many individuals who want to make their living this way and plastic bottles end up being litter which can ultimately get into our oceans and other parts of our environment.

How to change the behaviour of citizens of more wealthy parts of the world?  Not only do we need to stop the plastic bottles being litter on the sides of our roads but we need to reduce the overall volume of plastic being used in what we eat and drink.  

The UK government is under growing pressure to introduce a money-back return scheme for plastic bottles, in order to tackle huge volumes of waste in a country where 400 bottles are sold every second. A Guardian article has some great statistics and facts regarding the impact of introducing a deposit on plastic bottles.

The volume of plastic bottles increasing every year, with an estimate of 20,000 bottles globally being consumed every second

According to an unpublished parliamentary report, more than 4m plastic bottles a week could be prevented from littering streets and marine environments in Britain if authorities adopted the kind of deposit return schemes that operate in countries like Germany and Australia.

If a deposit will change people's behaviour this would be good.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 11-07-17

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