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Culture and High Performing Teams

Building a high performing team, that can address the task at hand and get the programme of work is done in an efficient and effective manner, on time to budget is every manager’s dream.  If you work in a multi-cultural environment building that perfect team to address a problem can be tricky.  Not just to get the skills, competencies, experience and soft skills like communication, but also to get the mix of cultures right to get the strongest result.

Harvard Business Review in their December 2015 edition did an article on getting to yes in a variety of language.  The articles focus was negotiation and getting to “yes” for a deal, but the same cultural norms will also help (or hinder) a project team to get to a successful completion.

If you have a project team that has a cultural mix that is relatively high on confrontation (such as the Dutch), then try to mix with team members that come from cultures that are low such as India.  You most likely are not going to get the results the business wants unless you have someone or something that can help get the best out of all the cultural bias.

An interesting article.. with some good graphics.

Harvard Business Review December 2015

If you want to read more - here is the Full Story

Posted On : 07-03-16

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