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The Great Barrier Reef Valued at $56b

I would say that the Great Barrier Reef is priceless.  If you have ever had a chance to dive, snorkel or swim on the reef you are lucky.  It is amazing but does need protecting.  Potentially giving it a value will help people realise what the cost will be if we loose the reef?  Deloitte has recently completed six months worth of work to assess the value of the Great Barrier Reef, and  a summary of the results was published in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)

At $29 billion, tourism is the biggest contributor to that overall value, followed by $23.8 billion from "indirect or non-use value" – meaning people who haven't yet visited the reef but value knowing it exists. Its value to recreational users – such as weekend divers – is $3.2 billion.

All adding up to the $56 billion dollars of asset value.  Maybe taking an asset value view will help protect the reef in the long run.  

Comments and Picture by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 26-06-17

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