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Great Leaders as Role Models - Earnest Shackleton

The book South I believe should be mandatory reading for all MBA classes and leadership programmes.  For those of you that have not read it, after the ship Endeavour sinks into the icy Antarctic Ocean, leaving its crew stranded on the white, cold continent, Sir Earnest Shackleton lead all of them to safety.  There are many lessons that can be learned from the journey from sinking to rescue and this article by Jean Gamester in the HRZone captures many of them. 

Shackleton demonstrated leadership skills, such as: -

  • be credible and reliable
  • build credible and reliable teams. 
  • foster the human bonds across all levels and across organisational divides. 
  • make sure our teams know that they are our priority, not our own success and glory. 

Great leaders can get their teams to survive the toughest of situations, even years in the Antarctic.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 03-07-16

Commented by:  Jean Gamester

Thanks Mary Sue - I loved writing about Shackleton, an amazing leader.

Posted On : 17-11-16

Commented by:  Darshan Kent

Thank you for sharing the article Mary Sue - the formula is simple!

Posted On : 07-08-16

Commented by:  MSR

Gene - thanks so much for the comment and it is an amazing story - I think every business leader should have to read The South.

Posted On : 03-08-16

Commented by:  gene

great topic, great article, great Leader... amazing story... thank you!!!!!!!!

Posted On : 02-08-16

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