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Miles of Ice Collapsing into the Sea

The amount of ice in Antarctica is directly linked to the sea levels of the world and to the continued living conditions in sea level cities such as Miami, New York, Shanghai and many more.  The New York Times (NYT) had reporters go with researchers to Antarctica with the  ".. goal to understand how to predict what’s going to happen to the ice sheets,” 

"Remote as Antarctica may seem, every person in the world who gets into a car, eats a steak or boards an airplane is contributing to the emissions that put the frozen continent at risk. If those emissions continue unchecked and the world is allowed to heat up enough, scientists have no doubt that large parts of Antarctica will melt into the sea."

A very amazing interactive map of Antarctica in the article.  

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Pictures by MS Rogers - 2000 in Antarctica

Posted On : 18-05-17

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