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The Gen Z's are Coming

The Gen Z's (born after 1995) are just starting to enter the workforce.  This is a generate that 100% grew up with the internet, google, mobile and social.  The full article published in the  Oxford Review opens the discussion on this generation and had some interesting insights on the impact of the internet.  Another set of challenges for leadership overall and especially for areas like social access from work devices and rules around internet usage and security.  

The study found that the positives of growing up with the internet are:

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills.
  • Biased towards proactive study.
  • Good information gathering skills.
  • Heightened global and local awareness.
  • Heightened awareness and interest in a wider range of environmental and political issues.
  • Stronger communication and collaboration skills. In fact they expect collaboration and don’t respond well to command and control scenarios.
  • Greater wish for gamification - they respond well to games both online and offline (physically). This, it has been found by another study, is critical for these generations’ involvement in education and training.

On the down side of growing up with the internet the researchers found:

  • Lower requirement and interest in physical contact and activity.
  • Thinking, concentrating and memory skills are reduced. There is a particular need for Generation Y and Z to learn how to think (particularly critical thinking) about information and distinguish (evaluate) between levels evidence-based information and understand its validity.
  • Higher incidence of depression and isolation.
  • Increased laziness and less resilience and tolerance for difficulty.
  • Expect to be entertained.
  • Over reliance on search engines like Google to source information. They expect immediate results and often lack the tenacity and patience really to pursue knowledge and get to the bottom of issues.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 19-06-16

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