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Let's improve our language - so we don't sound like robots

In the business world we use words all the time that we either have forgotten what they meant, they are over used, or worse yet not good English (especially if you are working in a multi-cultural team).  The 19 things that you need to stop saying in 2016 is a GREAT article.  There are some very good points in the article to remind us about how sloppy we can get.  Things like

“On a go-forward basis”…   Well, where else are we going to go – awkward?  Why would you even use this phrase?  Do we want staff to do something different in the past ( a bit hard to do)?

“It’s not rocket science”…  OK, most of what we do in work are not rock science (unless of course you work for NASA or similar) – so why do we use this phrase? 

 “Let’s take the conversation off line”…  So why don’t we just say can we talk about this later as I don’t want to talk about it now.  If English was not my first language I might think you wanted me to disconnect the computer from the internet.

Guru, Ninja, Rock Star – We use to call people experts or professionals or SME (subject matter experts) what happened? 

These are just 4 of the 19 so enjoy.  HR can help the business define what words and phrases truly embrace the culture of the organisation – part of good communication.

Originally published by The Daily Muse found via Forbes

Full Article  19 Things to Stop Saying

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Written by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 28-01-16

Commented by:  Josephine Lim

Love this article! Am guilty of quite a few. Just this week when interviewing candidates for bid mgt role, I have used the word - it's not rocket science phrase several times to describe the work involved... Guilty as charged... Thanks for sharing!

Posted On : 13-02-16

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