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Future of HR - adding to Accenture's insights

Accenture’s on-going research “The Future of HR” has identified 10 trends that will shape the HR function.  There is one that I think they are missing – and that is helping their organisations gain the insights, skills and competencies to work globally.  This includes having both the IQ and EQ to work with different cultures, manage different norms, respect different language skills (especially if you are a native English speaker), to name a few.  Accenture starts to identify this but falls short as it is not just about identifying where in the world talent exists and support global working, it is also enabling the team working and cross-cultural differences to drive very strong project teams that can achieve amazing success.  HR has a big role to play in helping global organisations truly use their global talent.

Thanks to Vivek Paranjpe ‏@vivekparanjpe for sharing

Full list of 10 can be found in his tweet Trends Reshaping the Future of HR

Written by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 18-01-16

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