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Developing Organisational Ambidexterity

Building organisations that can flex and change with the morphing demands of the market, customers and stakeholders is a real skill.  The role of HR is critical to helping to establish an organisation that has the cultural DNA to react to these changes.  The two big components of this DNA, in my opinion, are leadership and culture.  In an Oxford Review article, David Wilkinson highlights some of the key attributes of an ambidextrous organisation.   The article is well worth a read, and to help spark your interest, a subset of the article re-created below.

Organisational culture is seen as a critical issue in the development of organisational ambidexterity. Cultural factors which enhance levels of ambidexterity include things like:

1.     Having a shared vision

2.     Promoting creativity

3.     Encouraging tolerance of uncertainty and interpersonal differences

4.     Organisational diversity

5.     Cultural cohesiveness

6.     The development of a learning culture and orientation

7.     Openness

8.     Participative decision- making and

9.     Openness to challenge

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 08-06-16

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