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Enterprise Technologies to Watch in 2016

New technologies have always had a featured place in HR.  Those of you who have gone to HRTech can attest to this.  In an article published by ZDNet, and written by Dion Hinchcliffe there is a great summary of key technologies to watch, HR and beyond HR.  For example

Digital learning, MOOCs, global solutions networks.  Improving learning enables both the fuller realisation of workforce potential and is also the path to becoming and staying a digital leader, as maintaining effective digital skills in the pace of very rapid technological progress is perhaps our greatest challenge today, and is why education technologies have remained on the list.

Team collaboration. The poster child in the revitalization of this space continues to be the success story of Slack, a real-time messaging application that has blazed a unique trail and discovered a new model for effective team-based collaboration, one that is extremely lightweight, channel organized, and connects with a large number of 3rd party applications to create a singular, personalized, and impactful collaboration experience.

3D printing. The complexities and immaturity of the 3D printing industry often obscures its true promise: The ultimate ability to mass customise and conveniently produce just-in-time virtually all of the objects we need to operate our businesses. 

And many more.  Included in the article is a great four box model which is definitely worth reviewing.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 03-06-16

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