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Workforce Planning - Maybe it is Making a Come Back?

I like the new trend of using infographics to tell a story and educate people on a particular subject.  It blends the different learning styles of words and pictures into a logical story line.   In April, I wrote an article about workforce planning and how it appeared to have lost its place within the HR portfolio of “top of mind” focus.  But maybe I was wrong.  Recently Visier published great infographics on Workforce Planning 101.  Some excellent points to read with my April article Revitalising Workforce Planning.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 23-05-16

Commented by:  msrogers

David thanks for the great comments - and you are right a team effort is definitely required for modern workforce planning.

Posted On : 31-05-16

Commented by:  David Hain

MSR I think we will always need to leverage analytics for workforce planning - especially given the complexities of the increasing contingent workforce. Having to make very important decisions regarding the mix of FTE and contingent. That said, workforce planning AS A STANDALONE ELEMENT - is dead. As indicated by Visier (and others Vestrics,...) it really needs to incorporate all elements of the business - production, sales, finance, M& well as labor trends, regulations, geography.. thus - a team effort comprised of many functional executives, etc

Posted On : 31-05-16

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