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Not Enough Oxygen in the Sea

The depletion of oxygen in our oceans threatens future fish stocks and risks altering the habitat and behaviour of marine life, scientists have warned after a new study found oceanic oxygen levels had fallen by 2% in 50 years.

Fish that rely on dissolved oxygen will grow more slowly, peak at a smaller body size, and produce fewer offspring. And, Roberts pointed out, larger fish such as tuna, swordfish and sharks will be badly affected given their greater dependence on larger amounts of oxygen – they will be driven into ever narrower bands of oxygen-rich water near the surface, as will much of their prey, leading to more competition for food sources and other changed behaviour.

Read the full article along with some really interesting science parts about how they measure the oxygen in the water in the Guardian article.

Mary Sue Rogers 

Picture by Mary Sue Rogers - Bat Fish in Raj Ampat

Posted On : 20-02-17

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