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Bad Bosses

People don't leave companies they leave people, typically their boss.  To retain the talent your organisation needs, the leaders of the business have to work hard not to display behaviours, characteristics and styles that can be classified as "bad bosses".  An article recently published by Ted Bauer (@tedbauer2003) entitled Bad bosses: The Circles of Management Hell is an excellent read.  Some of the types of bad bosses include: -

Target Hitter - A “target-hitter” is slightly below a manager and they probably have a degree of organisational authority or formal power, but they have no clue about organisational priority.

Target Chasers - A target-chaser is ostensibly a would-be target-hitter, but because of Peter Principle and a host of other factors, he/she can’t actually “hit” the targets.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 18-04-16

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