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A Rare Sighting - Red Seadragon

Marine biologists Greg Rouse and Josefin Stiller have discovered a third species of seadragon, which they named the ruby seadragon.  

The animals' distinctive colour also gave the researchers a clue to their habitat. While the common and leafy seadragons are patterned in yellows and browns to match the kelp beds, the bright red colour of the ruby seadragons stood out to the scientists.

"We figured the red colour was associated with living deep, because red light is the first light that gets taken out when light is going through water," Rouse explains. "If you're a red fish, you're effectively black, so you're camouflaged. So many fish are red, in fact, that live in deeper water."

This discovery shows that there are still things in this world that are new - and left to be discovered.  A great video showing the finding posted by Christian Science Monitor from the research team

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Thanks to Rochelle Hood for link to article


Posted On : 15-01-17

Commented by:  Tammy Marshall

Love a sea dragon, exciting discovery and nice we can still live and wonder

Posted On : 31-01-17

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