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Antarctic Glacier the Size of California Melts

In East Antarctica, 3,000km south of the West Australian town of Albany, an ice shelf the size of California is melting from below.  A group of Australian scientists are travelling to Antarctica to map the ocean floor so that models can be created to show the impact of this level of melting water.  

The Australian scientists in December reported that warming ocean temperatures were causing the rapid melt of the end of the Totten glacier, which is holding back enough ice to create a global sea rise of between 3.5 metres and six metres.

On Saturday (14 January) a team of international scientists left Hobart aboard the Australian research ship Investigator to map the seafloor ahead of the glacier to trace its history back to the last ice age, in the hopes of predicting its future melting patterns.  

The Guardian posted a full story on this over 50 day research exhibition.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 14-01-17

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