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Who owns that Tanker / Yacht / Cruise Ship?

Sydney is a fantastic city, and I am very lucky to be able to live here.  With all the water, we attract "water vessels" of all types from all over the world.  From luxury yachts (like the Octopus - With two helipads, a swimming pool, nightclub, a basketball court, a cinema and two submarines, it could win a gold medal for extravagance owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen). To Cruise Ships (we had all four P&O ships in the harbour this past summer). To working boats with lots of containers.  So one of the things I do is "ship watch".  And I have a favorite app, Marine Traffic,  (or go to the app store for your device and download) which I thought I would share with all others that are curious and have questions like "where did it come from?" "who owns this boat"? And "where is it going" on the boats they spot in their journeys.  Works worldwide and you can create your fleet of ships to track.  Enjoy

Posted On : 31-03-16

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