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10 Most Annoying Phrases - Including - "Level Playing Field"

A short and sweet article with a very good message.  What is a level playing field?  And how could you ever boil the ocean in the first place?  Some of these phrases have been used for years and maybe it is time to stop.  See if you c

From HRM Asia - 10 Most Annoying Phrases

Via The Daily Mail showed that there are a number of baffling office jargons and clichés that are overused in the UK. Micheal Sugden, Manager of advertising agency VCCP, compiled a list of the 10 most annoying phrases.

They are:

  1. Think outside of the box
  2. I may have a window for you
  3. Content is king
  4. Let’s not boil the ocean
  5. Level playing field
  6. Let’s workshop this
  7. Shift the dial
  8. Let’s socialise this
  9. Fail forward
  10. Growth hacking

From HRM Asia - 10 Most Annoying Phrases ‚Äč

Posted On : 14-03-16

Commented by:  mary sue

David - I could not agree with you more (although I have been known to use that phrase).

Posted On : 29-03-16

Commented by:  David Ellis

and one more I definitely don't need to hear again......... "It is what it is"

Posted On : 29-03-16

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