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Save a Shark

In Australia, there has been, or at least feels like there has been, an increase in shark attacks.  And the public response to this has been to request everything from the culling of sharks to shark nets to other forms of a deterrent to keep sharks away from where people swim, surf and dive in the ocean.  The Guardian has dug into the statistics associated with shark attacks and has found that while the absolute number of when adjusted to take into account the growing population, the trend is much less severe in historical terms, with only a small increase since the 1980s.

And certain activities done in the water have the higher percentage of attacks, with snorkelling being the highest.  At the end of the day sharks hunt to eat, and if you do look like a seal flapping on the top of the water, they might get you confused with food.

Sharks are amazing creatures, and we do need to protect them and learn how to share the water.  There are several organisations doing research on how to better protect swimmers and surfers from sharks without creating more harm than good.  If you get a chance, support the research and save a shark.

Comments and Picture by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 06-11-16

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