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A Dead Reef Comes Back to Life

On the floor of a remote island lagoon halfway between Hawaii and Fiji, the giant reef site had been devastated by unusually warm water. Its remains looked like a pile of drab dinner plates tossed into the sea. Research dives in 2009 and 2012 had shown little improvement in the coral colonies.

Then in 2015, a team of marine biologists was stunned and overjoyed to find Coral Castles, genus Acropora, once again teeming with life. But the rebound came with a big question: Could the enormous and presumably still fragile coral survive what would be the hottest year on record?

Researchers are now investigating what might have caused this turnaround.  The site is located in a protected area so that obviously helps.  Hopefully, they will learn more about how to protect our reefs.

Great "feel good" article by the NY Times.  I hope the Great Barrier Reef is as lucky.

Picture by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 15-08-16

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