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Date Pitts Clean up Toxins

This is why we need to mark sure all citizens of the world life in a safe place. A group of Syrian researchers, in Syria, discovered that the stones (or pits) from dates could clean up hazardous chemicals.  They crushed the stones, put them in the toxic water and within minutes all of the dioxins are sucked out of the solution and into the stones.  Filter out the stones, burn them and then all the waste is gone.  The date pits have been very successful in taking out one of the constituents of Agent Orange - which Vietnam is still dealing with post the 1970's war.  The Economist did an article on these scientists and their discovery.  Going to show that even in some the hardest places in the world to live, it is possible to make great discoveries.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 29-06-16

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