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Another Reason to Save Fish - They Have Feelings

If there were not enough good reasons to ensure that we protect the fish that live in our seas and oceans, scientists have research that shows that fish have feelings. A recent NY Times article entitled "Fish Have Fellings Too" has some fascinating insights into the fish minds and behaviours

In March, two marine biologists published a study of giant manta rays responding to their reflections in a large mirror installed in their aquarium in the Bahamas. The two captive rays circled in front of the mirror, blew bubbles and performed unusual body movements as if checking their reflection. They made no obvious attempt to interact socially with their reflections, suggesting that they did not mistake what they saw as other rays.

Having been a scuba diver for many years – I could have told them that many of the fish encountered on the reef and in the blue definitely have feelings.

Review done by Mary Sue Rogers

Picture taken by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 16-05-16

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