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Newly Found Species of Algae Might Help Coral Reefs Survive Warm Water

As climate change warms the world’s oceans this is a precarious situation. But not all corals suffer at the same temperatures. While most perish in water above 31°C, those in the Persian Gulf can withstand a punishing 35°C. Now a new study suggests that the way these corals survive could help corals elsewhere adapt to changing conditions.

Corals get their brilliant colours from tiny algae that live in their tissue in a symbiotic relationship—the coral provides a home and the algae food produced during photosynthesis. If it gets too hot the algae leave, turning coral into a “bleached” white skeleton.  The Economist recently published an article - Hot Survivor - where there may be the potential to have the warmer water algae help the coral survive.  


Posted On : 21-04-16

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