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Bacteria That Can Eat Plastic - Saving Our Oceans

Plastic is killing the ocean - well more precisely it is killing the various life that lives in our oceans and seas.  And the stuff that makes plastic bottles (PET) does not break down.  But there could be hope.  Researchers in Japan isolated the bacteria from the 250 samples of PET debris they collected from a recycling plant. The bacteria appeared to use a pair of enzymes to slowly break down PET.  Early days of the research, and what we can do to help is to make sure we recycle our plastic bottles and not put them in places where they can end up in the Ocean.

"There’s an estimated 311 million tons of plastic (pdf) produced every year across the world. There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, it’s probably in our food, and will likely leave its mark long after we’re gone." (From World Economic Forum article - Could plastic-eating bacteria be the solution to the world's garbage problem?)

Picture and Article by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 31-03-16

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