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How the Gig Economy Creates Job Insecurity

I have written several articles on the future of work and especially gig workers.  Depending on whether you are a gig work by choice or because it is the only way you can financially make ends meet will be one of the determining factors regarding how an individual feels about job security.  

The BBC has come up with the most comprehensive list of terms that mean "gig worker" that I have seen, and these include: -

Work can be temporary, fixed-term, seasonal, project-based, part-time, on a zero-hours contract, casual, agency, freelance, peripheral, contingent, external, non-standard, atypical, platform-based, outsourced, sub-contracted, informal, undeclared, insecure, marginal or precarious.

The article talks about the vision of a brave new world of a portfolio, boundaryless, and protean career intended for professionals who could sell high-value parcels of work. Those individuals with enough economic confidence to fly without the safety net of a regular income. These ideas were not dreamed up for the bicycle courier, the taxi driver or the peripatetic care worker, and certainly not for those trapped in a low-pay, no-pay cycle.

While the references are to UK employment laws and legislation the concepts and concerns apply more broadly.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 15-10-17

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