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The Gender Gap is Not Just Pay

There are many articles and research papers written with respect to the gender pay gap, the lack of senior leaders (especially CEO's and CFO's) and women on boards. In new research conducted by Russell Reynold Associates, they have identified other "gaps" between men and women.   Here are a few examples from the research: -

Organisations for Tomorrow - Male business leaders were more likely than their female peers to value purpose-driven organizations, with 22 percent saying purpose-driven organizations were most appealing versus 9 percent of female leaders.

Skills for the Future - Male executives, foresee their children needing to rely on the same mix of skills and charisma that helped them get to where they are today. Male executives were 17% more likely to choose “working in a team structure” and 15 percent were more likely to value communicating with people inside and outside the organization, while women were 27 percent more likely to choose “collecting and processing information” and 44 percent were more likely to select “analyzing quantitative data.”

An interesting perspective on the gender gap.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 06-09-17

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