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Boosting Performance Through Organisation Design

All HR professionals know that creating the right organisation structure for a business for a given point in time requires both art and science.  There is no such thing as a perfect organisation design.  Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has done research on what are the top factors that are more likely to make a company a higher performing.  These are: -

  • Agile ways of working
  • A value-adding corporate centre
  • Clearly delineated profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities
  • A flat management structure with a strong frontline focus
  • Effective use of shared services
  • Strong support for people and collaboration

Based on my professional experience the clearly understood P&L responsibilities is key.  Companies with clearly delineated P&L responsibilities are three times more likely to have faster growth and higher profits than their competitors.Very good read.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 03-09-17

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