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Seven Skills Managers Will Need in 2025

Leadership and management skills are changing to meet the demands of digital, the gig worker, managing output instead of input and many other trends around the future of work and the work environment.  Fast Company published an insightful article regarding the seven skills managers will need in less than ten years.

A summary of the seven: -

Technology Management Skills - Managers will need to understand technology enough to keep abreast of and anticipate emerging issues

Outcentric Management Skills - managers will need to be more “outcentric,” focusing on developing the people and teams around them to be active and valued contributors.

Soft Skill Assessment - best employees are going to have strong critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills as the pace of the workplace continues to accelerate. Managers are going to have to be both inherently able to spot those abilities in others

ROWE focused - Companies will adopt more elements of Results-Only Work Environments (ROWEs)

Tension-tolerant collaboration - managing extreme diversity in teams from culture, to age, to the location to a style of working.

Transparency -  Managers will need to be able to foster that trust to build cultures that retain good team members.

Emotional Intelligence - in the right balance with IQ

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 25-08-17

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