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Is the Gig Economy Working?

My current interest is the gig economy.  In many ways, independent workers have been around forever.  What is changing is how we connect to work and the number of people who would claim they are working in the gig world. Gig work ranges across a wide spectrum from being a "tasker" on AirTasker or TaskRabbit to individuals who are a professional independent worker, at one time referred to as a freelancer.  The gig economy is changing how we work and how companies and individuals find talent to complete the work they need to get done.

Nathan Heller wrote a great thought piece in the New Yorker on gig workers.  The article is long so a weekend read - but well worth it.  A few choice excerpts: -

Gig workers hiring Gig Workers

"When Airbnb logistics started to approach “a full-time job,” she hired a management company, called Happy Host, to handle bookings, cleanings, and related chores. Happy Host normally charges twenty-five per cent of earnings, but Connors found the cost worthwhile. "

Advice on Personal Finance

“To succeed in the Gig Economy, we need to create a financially flexible life of lower fixed costs, higher savings, and much less debt,” Diane Mulcahy, a senior analyst at the Kauffman Foundation and a lecturer at Babson College, writes in her book “The Gig Economy,” which is part economic argument and part how-to guide."

A very good weekend read.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Thanks to Bill Kutik  for making me aware of the article 

Posted On : 19-07-17

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