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What is Your Organisations Digital IQ?

PwC has been doing a Digital IQ survey for almost a decade.  And a lot has changed over that period of time.  They have recently published their 2017 survey results and as with all survey's, there are various slices that look at industries and geographies.  The survey has several parts, including an assessment of how the employees feel, the leaders in their business, stack up in terms of their digital IQ.

In Australia, our leaders did not do very well - with many employees feeling that their leaders were not a digitally qualified as leaders in other parts of the world.  And PwC offered advice on how to increase the digital IQ in your organisation.

Make emerging tech a priority

Your leadership should view emerging tech as a core competency of the organisation. Get your C-suite and your board excited by showing demos or encourage hands-on homework to experiment with new technology.

Appoint an emerging tech evangelist

While emerging technology needs broad support, it also needs a single individual who has ownership over your emerging tech initiatives. Identify who are passionate about different technologies and create a team responsible for scouting and experimenting.

Focus on human experience

As you experiment with emerging technology don’t short-change the customer or employee experience. Make sure you think through issues like whether you’ve created the necessary trust and transparency.

Develop a scouting plan

Most organisations don’t look broadly enough to identify how and where emerging technology can make a difference. Look to underutilised sources such as the startup ecosystem for new ideas.

The full report for Australia, in PDF version, does provide an interesting perspective to how employees and employers see the ability for an organisation to cope with the changing digital demands in business.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 11-07-17

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